Thursday, January 23, 2014

Writing update: A couple of Essays and a GREAT idea for a Short

Sadly, I did not update this blog for the past few days. My life (all of our lives, really) is filled with distractions. The Distraction Highlight for today is that I had to spend about 45 minutes troubleshooting why half of my home office lost power (it was a dead power strip). That's just one of the many distractions, the likes of which I mentioned in my last post about writing and discipline. There were plenty more, less dramatic, distractions today and even more over the past few days since my last post--hence the lack of updates. But whining aside, I did get writing done every day since my last post. So I am practicing some of the discipline I wrote about in that last blog post.

Most of the writing I did was done on some essays/reviews I am writing for other blogs I maintain, including the very first post for my "Pete Saves Hollywood" blog (I am very excited about getting that blog going). So, that's good. However, last night, in bed, I came up with a really interesting idea for a short film that I think is pretty exciting. It's just a vague structural idea on how to shoot a short, super-cheap scifi short film right now, but it's got a lot of potential (and hey, the idea is literally less than 24 hours old--whadya want?). I just need to figure out how to fill in the story that will best utilize this format I have in mind.

I have plenty more on my back and front burners, but, that's it for now!

Thanks for reading!

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